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+0 показать телефон+0086 (759) 18600679378

ocean harvst foodstuffs co.,ltd

Ocean Harvest foodstuffs Co.,Ltd Is A Major Supplier Of Frozen Seafood Products From China To The World, The Company Specialize In Producing And Exporting High Quality Frozen Seafoods, our factories are EU/FDA approved and BRC/MSC certified. The production process complies fully with HACCP, FDA and EU quality standard .

Our Products Included Frozen Squid(Illex Argentinus, Todarodes Pacificus , Dosidicus Gigas ), Frozen Vannamei White Shrimp,Frozen Yellow Croaker, Frozen Tilapia , Frozen Golden Pompano , Frozen Black Pomfret, Frozen Octopus ,Frozen Sea Bass , Frozen Red Drum , Frozen Cooked Clam, Frozen Cooked Mussel , Frozen Imitation Crab Sticks  ,Frozen Seafood Mix ,Frozen Scallop ,Frozen Moonfish , Frozen Mackerel , Frozen Pollock Fillets/Portions ,Frozen Cod Portions/Loins, Frozen ATF Fillets ,Frozen Chum Salmon Fillets /Portions /Steak ,Frozen Ocean Perch Fillets ,Dry Salted Pollock Fillets/Migas ,Frozen Haddock Filets ,Frozen Saithe Fillets

Our Products are Mainly Exported To USA, Canada , Chile ,Panama ,Mexico, Europe, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia and HK Etc. We Are Committed To Satisfy the Needs Of International Business Through Inclusive Market Information , Competitive Prices, Total Quality Control, Reliability, On-Time Delivery.

Ocean Harvest foodstuffs Co.,Ltd Is Also Always Innovating By Developing And Expanding Its Product Range.